Progression of the proprietor

"Success doesn't come to you, you go to it." 

-Marva Collins


Khalil Johnson was born in Atlanta and grew up in Decatur, GA. Born in 1994, he is the youngest of seven siblings by ten years. 


His interest in photography became evident when he would spend time taking pictures and figuring out how his mother's Sony Cyber-shot worked at age 12. Over the years, his mother's camera upgraded and so did his interest in photography. He quickly found himself using the camera more often than his mother did. 


He bought his first camera, a Kodak point-and-shoot, with a gift card that he received from his church in Atlanta, GA for being nominated "youth member of the month." He was also a member of the media ministry at his church, Second Mount Vernon Baptist Church, which further strengthened his videography skills. Sunday after Sunday he learned more about different camera settings and movements and how they translate visually.


What has become of this black-owned photography studio and digital media company is truly a remarkable testament of persistency and progress. We provide consistent, premium customer service so that our clients understand that we value them greatly.


This Auburn University alumnus works daily to develop his craft and is ecstatic about the company's future in media production!