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Any session greater than 20 miles from the RDK Studios Decatur location will require a travel fee based on distance. 

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  • Deposits are required to secure sessions/edits.
  • Deposits are 20% of the balance.*
  • Deposits are fully refundable when requested seven days or greater in advance. 
  • Because the time slots cannot be booked by another client, deposits are non-refundable 24 hours or less from the session’s start time. Deposits are partially refundable less than seven days (168 hours) from the session’s start time.  Then, one seventh of the deposit is forfeited each day beyond seven days prior to the session. For example, if the client cancels three days (96≥72 hours) prior, they will be refunded $52.20 (4/7 of the deposit).
  • The balance is due at the end of the session. In the case of graphics and motion graphics, the balance is due after the first draft is sent to the client.

Studio rental cancellations are fully refundable/transferable until 24 hours before the session begins.


*Studio photo shoot deposits are structured differently because there is a payment required to book the studio. The additional studio rental fee is nonrefundable if rescheduled less than ten days before the shoot's date. If rescheduled more than ten days before the shoot's date, there is the option to move the reservation without any loss.

  • $50 + 20% for up to 1.5 hours in studio
  • $75 + 20% for 2-2.5 hours in studio
  • $100 + 20% for 3-3.5 hours in studio
  • $125 + 20% for 4-4.5 hours in studio
  • etc.


All projects guaranteed to be archived for six months. After that time has passed, the project/media may or may not be accessible by the company.