RDK Studios


Additional studio info.

Address: 2616 Old Wesley Chapel Road Suite 108, Decatur, GA 30034

Rate*: $45/hour | $400/day


Seamless Paper Backdrop colors: 66 Pure White, 11 Royal Blue, 17 Carnation Pink, 35 Yellow-Orange 66 Wheat & 45 Ultra Black


Amenities: 46" Mounted TV, mini fridge with free refreshments, ice maker, comfortable couch for guests, professional audio monitors/speakers for your session, Ring security system, Wifi, Apple Mac Mini workstation available to show clients the photos immediately after the session


Studio rental cancellations are fully refundable/transferable until 24 hours before the session begins.


*includes use of all relevant, available equipment (lights, triggers, stands, stool, backdrops, etc.)